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Future Projects

  • Title: "Identification of suitable sites for future urbanization using remote sensing & GIS"
  • Description: The prime goal of this project is find suitable sites for future urbanization. This will be done using image processing and gis techniques. First of all land use land cover maps of the study area will be prepared then vector datasets will be acquired from spatial data venders. All these datasets will be use to find suitable sites using suitability analysis. Further sensitivity analysis will be performed for risk assessment of flooding, earthquake, land slide etc.

  • Title: "Future trend prediction of effect of water depletion on agriculture & economy of Pakistan"
  • Decription: In this project, effect of water depletion on agriculture & economy of Pakistan due to indian dams on Pakistani river will be analyzed. Also future trend of this effect will be mapped based on prvious datasets.

Completed Projects
  • Title: "Ortho-rectification & direct-georeferencing of satellite images without GCPs using multiple imaging sensors"

  • Title: "Population Density Estimation Using Google Earth Images"
  • Description: The goal of the project was to divide the regions of Pakistan in dense, medium, rare and non-populated areas using Google Earth images. Since Google Earth images do not have a true spectral signature, texture information was used for classification purposes.

  • Title: "Mis-alignment Correction for Pansharpening"
  • Description: It was observed in the Data Fusion Contest held by IEEE Data Fusion Committee that some of the results obtained from the contestants had pixel level shift between the high resolution Panchromatic image and low resolution Multispectral image thus resulting in poor quality of the pansharpened image. In this project, a simple registration method based upon Scale Invariant Features was proposed for correct alignment of images prior to fusion.

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