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Mission Statement
Research Group of Remote Sensing & Geo-Informatics is formed in 2011 at SEECS, NUST. This group is actively involved in the research of remote sensing, satellite image processing and GIS. The group comprises a multi-disciplinary team of scientists with expertise in remote-sensing, image processing, GIS, computer vision and computer science.

The group's activities evolve around the validation of remotely-sensed data, the efficient processing of these data and ways of intelligently exploiting them for real-world problems.

The group is actively taking part in collaboration with SUPARCO, Pakistan Institute of forestry and Survey of Pakistan.
Latest News
Research paper on "Geolocation Accuracy Assessment" has been published by SPIE.

Research paper on "Development of new Indices" has been published by Journal of Geophysics and Remote Sensing.

Research Paper on "Georeferencing of Images by Exploiting Geometric Distortions in Stereo Earth Images" is under review in IEEE JGRS.

RGRG has successfully conducted a short course on Satellite Image Processing and GIS at SEECS, NUST.
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